I didn’t go to the Hospital After a Collision, and Now I’m Hurt. What can I do?

If you were in an automobile wreck, you may have sustained long-term injuries and not know how to proceed, especially if you didn’t go to the hospital directly after the collision.

People often leave the scene of a vehicle collision without seeking proper healthcare because the extent of the damage appears limited to the vehicles. Later, soreness, stiffness or headaches may arise.

Spinal and brain injuries may take time to fully develop. As the symptoms of these injuries come full force, they can impair daily activities. This results in lifelong problems and expensive healthcare.

Depending on where the wreck occurred and how much time has passed, the statute of limitations will determine the injured person’s legal options. In Missouri, a person may sue within the statute of limitations for up to five years after the wreck.

If you believe you or a loved one sustained an injury overlooked at the site of a crash, contact a healthcare provider immediately to determine if the crash could have been the cause. The sooner you have a record of your injuries, the better. If the original wreck was at the fault of another negligent driver, you be eligible for compensation.

After determining if an injury could have been the result of a wreck, contact a lawyer to review your options. For a free case consultation, call 1(877) 337-6651.

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