Playground Safety Tips

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that nearly 200,000 kids in the U.S. get treatment in emergency rooms each year for injuries related to playground equipment. Below are some tips to help keep your child safe:

Check equipment for faults.

Before your child runs to the slide or jumps on the swing, examine the equipment for any rusted or broken parts and make sure the surface material beneath equipment is sand, mulch or shredded rubber. Surfaces such as asphalt, dirt or gravel do not absorb impact and may result in serious injuries if a child falls. Also, make sure the surfacing is at least 12 inches deep and extends six feet in all directions around equipment. 

Have your child use age-appropriate equipment.

A 3-year-old should not use equipment meant for a 10-year-old. Most playgrounds provide separate areas with age-appropriate equipment for children under 5 years old.

Supervise your child.

Watch your children to make sure they play safely, and warn them if they are about to jump from a high surface or take other risks. Explain that shoving or crowding others on playground equipment can be dangerous. Teaching them safe behaviors will help them enjoy being outdoors while avoiding injury.

Despite your best efforts, a playground injury may occur. If that happens, the first step is to make sure your child receives medical care. Try to document the injury as thoroughly as possible and contact a personal injury attorney if you believe the injury is due to faulty equipment or negligence. To get started, check out our resources page or contact us at 877-337-6651 for a free consultation.

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