Teaching teens to drive under the (right) influence

Nothing kills more 15- to 20-year-olds than traffic accidents. And 80 percent of crashes involve some form of distracted driving – talking on a cell phone, or texting. Eating or paying attention to the back seat instead of the road.

Many of those crashes could be prevented, which is why our firm launched a community outreach program that focuses on educating teen drivers and their parents.

Teens and their parents can log on to www.semocruisecontrol.com to request a free safe driving kit, and to download and sign the Cruise Control Safe Driving Pledge. Other resources are also available, including downloadable tips on helping teens become better drivers.

5 Reasons Teens Are Likely to Crash

1.) Driver inexperience

2.) Distracted driving

3.) Speeding

4.) Using illegal substances

5.) Taking unnecessary risks

Those are all areas that parents can influence by setting a good example, talking to their teen, and reinforcing safe driving rules. Getting this message out to the community is a critical cause that we’re proud to support.

It’s estimated that a Missouri teen is killed or injured in a car accident about every 43 minutes. That’s not a statistic anyone should be OK with, especially since so many of those accidents are preventable. And in many cases, parents are the key to that prevention.

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