What Not To Do After A Car Wreck

If you ever find yourself in a vehicle crash, regardless of who’s at fault, it’s important to know what you should – and should not – do to keep yourself safe and protect your potential legal claim.

Don’t leave the scene

If you can, move your vehicle a safe distance away from oncoming traffic but don’t leave the scene of a crash without speaking to law enforcement. If possible, take photos of the crash scene in addition to exchanging insurance information with others involved in the incident.

Don’t admit fault

Missouri recognizes the Pure Comparative Fault Rule, which allows a damaged party to recover even if he/she is 99 percent at fault. Even if you contributed to a vehicle crash, if others drivers are also at fault, you may still have a personal injury claim and be able to recover damages. So it’s important not to admit fault, especially to the other party’s insurance company.

Don’t avoid medical care

If you’ve been in a vehicle crash, you should seek medical care even if you don’t feel like your injuries are serious right after the incident. It’s possible to sustain long-term injuries – such as spinal or brain injuries – that aren’t immediately apparent right after a collision. Not seeking medical care can impact your personal injury case.

Don’t try to go it alone

An experienced personal injury attorney can not only determine if you have a case, but help you maximize your compensation. Most reputable attorneys offer a case evaluation at no charge to you.

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