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March - $400,000 settlement rear-end delivery truck crash

June - $900,000 settlement in head-on car crash

August – Mallory Gibson joins the firm!

September - $325,000 settlement in architecture malpractice

- $1.7 million verdict in police vehicular crash

September - $800,000 settlement in single auto collision, passenger

September - $250,000 settlement in auto collision

October - $240,000 settlement in rear-end car crash

October - $2.1 million settlement in wrongful death car crash

- $1.5 million settlement in product liability industrial furnace defect

- $300,000 policy limits settlement in auto wrongful death of minor pedestrian

- $1.65 million settlement in product liability

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Leveling the playing field.

In business and in life, there are those who do not play fair. Usually, it is a big business or an insurance company. They use their size, power and money to get away with harming smaller businesses or to keep from paying a fair settlement to an injury victim. At CBPW, we have tried hundreds of cases. We use our years of trial experience to right these wrongs, to level the playing field and to hold these companies responsible for fair compensation. We have litigated cases from Kansas City to Cape Girardeau, from Phoenix to Philadelphia and from Miami to Minneapolis. We are at home in the Federal Courts, the Courts of Appeals and the State Court systems.

Taking on the tough cases.

Litigation can be complex and expensive. In complex cases, millions of documents are sometimes produced in discovery and many thousands of dollars must be spent on economic, medical and scientific experts. Our success has given CBPW the resources it needs to pursue these cases. Whether it is a case involving a defective product, a pharmaceutical error, or fraud and unfair competition in business, we have handled complex cases with outstanding results.

In fact, the highest compliment paid to CBPW is that we are often asked to partner with other firms to take the lead on these types of cases. We welcome these opportunities.

Maximizing results.

President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Many firms claim to try cases. In reality, only 2% of cases ever reach trial. At CBPW, we regularly go to trial and win. In fact, our lawyers have record setting verdicts in multimillion dollar cases to their credit. This means when we try to reach a settlement before trial, the other side listens to our demands.

Fighting the Paper War.

Before you can get to trial, you have to litigate. At CBPW, our partners have a wealth of experience in motion and appellate practice. Over the years, we have won thousands of motions requiring extensive briefing. These range from simple dismissal motions to complicated motions in class action cases. Once we have won, we are often called upon to ensure the win in the court of appeals. Our battles in the courts of appeals have resulted in several precedent setting decisions.

Using Honesty and Integrity.

It has been said that you should never do anything you would be ashamed to see published in the newspaper. Here, at CBPW we take this seriously. We recognize that a lawyer’s reputation for honesty and integrity is his most valuable asset. For this reason, we are very careful about the cases we take. We don’t sue people who don’t deserve it and we don’t file frivolous lawsuits. Judges know this about us, and lawyers defending the cases know it too. Our good reputation helps us more effectively represent our clients.

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American Red Cross

In our practice, we hear the stories our clients tell about their injuries, their surgeries and their fight to recover. We have witnessed how a natural disaster can shatter lives. Whether the need is from a natural disaster or a serious injury, blood is always in short supply. That’s why, as a firm, we regularly give blood to the American Red Cross. Our partner, John Cook has given over 10 gallons!

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Cruise Control is a community outreach program created by Cape Girardeau, Mo., law firm Cook, Barkett, Ponder & Wolz with the goal of promoting safe driving for teens and their parents.