Winter Storm Damage 101

Are you responsible if fallen snow from the top of your vehicle causes damage to another vehicle while driving down the road? What about if a fallen tree limb from your yard damages your neighbor’s roof? Winter storms can wreak havoc on the roadways and at homes and businesses. These FAQs from the...


5 Laws You Need to Know if You’re Injured Abroad

Injuries can happen anywhere, at home, at work, and even while traveling. Experiencing an injury can be difficult, especially in another country, and knowing your rights can help improve your compensation. Automobile Collisions in Another Country Anytime you rent a car, be sure you are covered by your personal insurance,...


The Actual Scary Truth of Halloween Night

According to the most recently available data, Halloween is the most dangerous night for children to walk the streets. In fact, the average pedestrian fatality rate of 2.6 raised to an average of 5.5 on Halloween from 1990 to 2010, and over 50 percent of these fatalities were children aged...